Tec 5 Francis M. Gardner
        22 Dec 1910 15 July 1995
Tec 5 Francis M. Gardner Dec 22,1910 July 15,1995
Born- Caseville , Michigan Died- Bad Axe , Michigan

                              MOS-014 Auto Mechanic

Active duty started---22 July, 1942- Ft. Custer , Michigan
Basic training-QM Unit, then sent to the 505 th Light Pontoon Co.
Camp Gordon ,Georgia as a mechanic.
Departed USA-29 Dec, 1943 Arrived ETO 8 Jan, 1944
Departed ETO-18 July, 1945 Arrived USA-27 July, 1945
Separated Co . A , 85th Engineers, - 6 Oct., 1945- Camp Swift, Texas

                                  Battles and Campaigns

Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland , Central Europe
Awarded EAME Service Medal , Good Conduct Medal
 Rick Gardner, Francis Gardner's son remembers his dad telling him that he spent a lot of time in a jeep as a driver for a Lieutenant or behind a 50 cal. and that he spent alot of time fixing it too. His Dad told him about hearing the Germans starting their engines in the morning in the cold ,clear air during the "Bulge" just over on the otherside of the hill and guarding some POWs near a pontoon bridge. His Dad brought home this Bayonet which was used as a hunting knife after the war.